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X-4 in front of Saxon Museum   One Man Heloocopter
F-4 Fighter
This F-4 fighter was the Saxon Aerospace Musuem's first acquisition and was a solo exhibit on the main street of Boron for almost two years. The F-4 served as an inspiration to our volunteer workforce during the construction phase of our facility.
  X-25A Gyrocopter
This X-25A Gyrocopter is on loan from a local resident of Boron. It is one of three variations which was built for and tested by the United State Air Force. This X-25A has actually flown to 10,000 feet.
Pilot Helmets   X-31 and HARV models
Flight Suits and Helmets
These helmets and flight suit are on loan from Dr. Jamieson who possesses the largest privately owned collection of helmets and space suits in the world. The helmets are from different eras and countries.
  X-31 and F-18 HARV
These models of the X-31 and F-18 High Altitude Research Vehicle (HARV) were donated to the museum by NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
Jet engine   Jet engine
XLR-8 Rocket Engine
The XLR-8 rocket engine which was used to power the Navy D-558 Skyrocket to a speed of Mach 2.5, the first to do so. A variation of this engine, the XLR-11, was used to power the Bell X-1 and Chuck Yeager through the sound barrier for the first time in 1947 and was also used in the early flights of the X-15.
  T-45 Trainer Engine
This jet engine was built to be used in the Air Force T-45 trainer but, due to technical problems, never went into production. The engine is on loan from the Antelope Valley College in Lancaster.
Custom built airplane by Eugene Turner   propellant tanks and engine from a Corporal Ballistic Missiler
Custom Turner Airplane
This one-of-a-kind custom airplane was donated by Eugene Turner who designed, built and flew it. Gene was a member of the first Class of Air Corp Cadets to graduate after the end of WWII and became a P-47 fighter pilot. He was a long time employee of Bell Aircraft Co. and of the FAA.
  Corporal Missle Tanks and Engine
Propellant tanks and engine are from a Corporal Ballistic Missile. The "Corporal" was the liquid propellant ballistic missile the U.S. developed at the end of WWII.
nosecone from a Corporal Ballistic Missle    
Cporporal Missle Nosecone
This nosecone housed gyroscopes and explosives for the Corporal Ballistic Missle.

Exhibit Donation Guidelines

As a guide to maintaining the Saxon Aerospace Museum's collection and to effectively preserve the material culture of Aerospace Valley while operating within fiscal and physical restraints, the following collections policy will be used:

  • As a general rule, museum acquisitions are limited to those items which have a direct relationship to the museum's mission statement.
  • Exceptions to the general rule may be made on a case-by-case basis for rare or unique items of significant historical importance that might otherwise be lost to the museum community.
  • Donations of property (such as documents, memorabilia, hardware, uniforms, ect.) should only be considered for acceptance if the items can be used in a current exhibit or if they can be properly stored and cared for until used in a future exhibit.
  • Donations of property must be free and clear with no conditions on their use or ultimate disposition and no restrictions on how the item will be displayed.
  • Loaned exhibit items made to the museum will be accepted with a clear understanding of responsibility and liability. Loans will usually be accepted for a specified period of time for use in a specific exhibit or study. Any loaned items will be documented in writing and include agreed upon terms and conditions of the loan.
  • Decisions on accepting a particular donation of property are made only by the museum director or curator.

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